Training at Our School – Questions and Answers

Q:  What equipment do I need to get?

A:  At the bare minimum, we require all students wear a groin guard and mouth guard when training, in
addition to wearing 16 ounce boxing gloves whenever doing any drills involving striking.

However, the slightly more expensive MMA fingerless gloves with extra padding (equivalent to the impact
disbursement of a 16oz boxing glove) are the preferred training gloves at our school.

Without the fingerless gloves you cannot practice striking while grappling. This means no practicing
'dirty boxing' in the clinch and no practicing ground & pound, and that's no fun :(  so we highly
recommend everyone get a pair of the MMA fingerless gloves with extra padding.

Ideally, students should also have a pair of the boxing gloves, as they are safer to use when we do
strictly stand-up sparring without grappling.

note: Sparring is NOT mandatory at our school. It is though highly recommended because without
eventually sparring, it is pretty much impossible to develop an effective MMA skill set.

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