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Q:  If I want to compete in MMA, what does the process involve?

A:  In order to compete in the sport of mixed martial arts, you must first select a US state to compete in
which legally sanctions MMA bouts.

Then, you must acquire a license from that State's 'Athletic Control Board', commonly referred to as the
State's 'Athletic Commission'. Since we are a New York based MMA school, we will discuss the process
according to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, as MMA bouts have yet to be legalized in
New York State.

Licensing requirements set forth by New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB) basically entail
fulfilling several health criteria which deem you medically fit to compete, and then submitting this
documentation along with other paperwork.

Specifically, in order to be authorized to compete, one must pass a standard physical checkup, HIV
exam, hepatitis B & C exam, EKG report, and eye exam; all within 6 months of the event. A completed
brain scan examination is also required within 3 years of the event.

If all of this sounds like a major pain in the ass, it's because it is. But, it obviously helps keep the
competitors safe, so it's a good thing. When viewed in this light, the process of jumping through all
these hoops becomes a joyful experience.

Once you're all set to go as far as the legalities, you then must get sponsored by the MMA promoter
running the event. This process is not as formal and can occur through connections or by you
personally convincing the promoter that you can fight well and are likely to put on a good show.

Competitors with no previous fight experience will typically be vouched for by their instructor or
whomever has a good connection with the promoter.

Generally, the promoter will put you against who they believe to be an evenly matched fighter having
a similar experience and skill-level as you. Doing so is a safe practice and increases the chances
of a good fight.

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