Develop Your Own Set of High-Level Martial Arts (MMA) Fighting Skills
I will teach you the mindsets, techniques, and tactics for effectively dealing with real life self-defense situations,
train you to reduce fear and increase confidence, and ultimatley turn you into an extremely dangerous human-being.
Be advised:  learning martial arts will take a lot of hard work, so this is definitely not for most people
Pure MMA Testimonial – Steve Tirone, student of Matt Derosa since 2015
Here Are the Main Points:
You will learn highly effective martial arts (MMA) skills within a safe, intelligently designed training format.
You will learn from an experienced expert instructor who is very skilled at patiently teaching beginners and getting them good.
You will meet great people who will help you on your jounrey and end up making quality friends in the process.
Please Adhere to This Simple Checklist:
(from MMA Instructor Matt Derosa)
Learn martial arts for the purposes of self-defense, NOT to hurt others for no good reason.
Have a cooperative attitude and help your training partners improve (as they will help you improve as well).
Have the capacity to pay attention and learn – martial arts is a meticulous learning process,
NOT a fitness jamboree!
Be patient and don't put too much pressure on yourself – it takes time to get good at this stuff.
If you're interested, simply call me and we can discuss details. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
(646) 234-9789
Some MMA Sparring...
This is one of our typical safe and controlled sparring sessions – fun in the sun!
A Little Bit About Matt...
Matt Derosa – Pure MMA NYC Head Instructor

Dear Aspiring Martial Artist:

I've been teaching martial arts for over 15 years. My goal is to help good-natured people learn these skills so they can protect themselves and loved ones. I take pride in building-up my students to be the best they can be – both as martial artists and as people.

To me, martial arts is about self-control, self-improvement, and self-preservation. It's also really cool stuff and it feels good to develop these skills... to know each day you're becoming more capable, more prepared, and more resourceful as an individual.

Also, over the years I've gotten into several situations where I had to defend myself (some far worse than others), and if it were not for my MMA skills, I would have gotten hurt pretty badly (maybe even resulting in permanent damage).

It is for these reasons I really value and enjoy having my fighting skills and will continue to invest in them.

As for actually learning this stuff for yourself...

I still remember my first-ever martial arts class. I was nervous, apprehensive, and not sure what to expect. Because of this experience, I always remember to explain to new students exactly what to expect on their first day of training.

Despite what many may think, MMA training is not about just constantly getting your ass beat. In fact, for the first 3 months or so, you won't be doing any sparring. First you need to learn the basics – proper fighting stance, footwork, basic punches, and basic defenses.

Learning all these new skills requires concentration as they are highly coordinated movements that will test your balance and motor skills. This is why you must be patient with yourself and dedicate yourself to the learning process.

So essentially your first months of training will be heavily based on learning – learning to move your body in new and different ways – for martial arts is ultimately movement.

Everyone you meet at my classes will be very helpful, patient, and supportive. And don't worry if you feel you might be a slow learner. That's ok! Not everyone is a prodigy. It takes time to learn this stuff properly, so there's no rush.

I hope I've alleviated some of your concerns. I strongly encourage you to take action and give training a go! You won't ever know if you like it or not until you actually do a class. If you're interested, simply call me and we can discuss details. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

(646) 234-9789

Be safe and have a great day!

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