MMA Clinch: Wrestling, Sambo, Judo, Dirty Boxing, and Muay Thai

We teach a very comprehensive set of clinch-fighting skills: shooting-in from a distance, wrestling & sambo
takedowns, Judo sweeps & throws, striking in the clinch, standing submissions, and takedown defense.

We draw on three of the main systems for clinch-fighting: Wrestling, Sambo, and Judo. In addition,
we utilize close-quarter striking techniques from Boxing and Muay Thai. The end result is a highly
versatile clinch game, which is an invaluable asset in MMA.


– Upperbody Control Tactics:
Pummeling, Arm Drags,
Duck-Unders, Body Locks,
and Other Tie-Ups


– Lowerbody Control Tactics:
Explosive Shooting from
the Outside, Level Change
Setups from the Inside


– Aggressive Striking into
Takedown Combinations

– Clinch Transitions into
Quick Submissions


– Superior Off-Balancing

– World Renowned Leg
Sweeps & Throws


– Head Control Tactics for
Landing Knees & Elbows

– Close-Quarter Striking
Methods from All Angles


– Immobilization Setups
for Sneaking in Strikes

– Powerful Short Range
Uppercuts & Hooks

The Most Overlooked Aspect of MMA...

The clinch is the link between stand-up fighting and ground-fighting.
It's an extremely important aspect of MMA often determining where
the fight goes next. It's also a place where many knockouts occur.

Despite its great importance, it's often the most neglected in training.
Although this is unwise, it's mainly due to students not having
enough time to properly train in all three areas of MMA.

With all the stand-up and ground techniques to keep up with, it's
common for students to lose sight of the clinch, resulting in an
incomplete skill-set.

To avoid this unnecessary pitfall, we consistently train the clinch,
ensuring you become well-versed in all facets of it.

The first consideration in clinch-fighting is building a solid base of
defensive skills; therefore, we teach you how to protect yourself
when locked in a Muay Thai clinch or Wrestling tie-up.

It is here where an opponent can land a damaging strike or swift
takedown, so it's important to develop a very strong sense of
balance as well as an awareness of what to watch out for.

As for offensive clinch skills, we teach you how to break through
an opponent's striking arsenal to secure dominant positions
which can be leveraged in a variety of ways.

You will learn how to shoot-in from a distance, pummel-in when
close, hold positioning when you want to strike, and ultimately
control the multiple dimensions of the MMA clinch.

104 W 14th St # 6
New York, NY 10011

(646) 234-9789

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