MMA Ground: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, and Sambo

No MMA system is complete without a solid set of ground-fighting skills: position transitions, escapes
& reversals, ground & pound tactics, and submissions.

We utilize an extensive array of grappling techniques stemming from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling,
and Sambo. Training in each of these arts is the best way to achieve a bulletproof ground game,
offering protection against a good grappler and a chance to win against a good striker.


– Incredible Overall System
for Applying Leverage and
Technique Versus Strength

– Tried and Tested Methods
for Getting Out of Almost
Any Position Imaginable

– Advanced Setup Tactics
for Securing Dominant
Positions and Finishes

– Awesome Submissions


– Combination of Versatile
Hybrid Grappling Systems
Offering Unpredictable
Variances to BJJ


– Lowerbody Submissions:
Hip & Upper-Leg Locks,
Ankle & Foot Locks,
Knee Locks

...Plus a ton more

Ground Skills: The Great Equalizer...

Ground-fighting skills offer an incredible form of leverage due to
their highly technical application of body weight distribution and

What this translates into is an awesome system for being able to
defeat a much stronger, larger opponent. In this way, ground skills
act as a great equalizer...cutting a bigger person down to size.

It's a known fact in the fighting world that once a fight hits the
ground, the man without ground skills has virtually no chance
of making it back to his feet, regardless of his size.

We take full advantage of this by studying the most effective
ground systems out there. This helps to increase attack options
in our tool box, but more importantly it assists us in defense.

Whether one chooses to develop a strong offensive ground
game or not, one thing remains the very least,
MMA students need defensive ground skills.

Without them, all an opponent needs to do is take you down
and the fight is pretty much over. Therefore, we emphasize
ground defense over ground offense.

Getting good at escaping from bad positions is substantially
more important than learning 100's of submissions. This is the
type of training that truly protects you in a real fight.

...and this school is all about being prepared for real fights,
whether they occur in self-defense or in MMA competition.

104 W 14th St # 6
New York, NY 10011

(646) 234-9789

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