MMA Stand-Up: Western Boxing, Muay Thai, and Jeet Kune Do (JKD)

We put a strong emphasis on developing powerful stand-up skills: well-structured stance, fluid footwork,
elusive maneuvering, tight defense, economical striking, well-planned attacks, and strategic countering.

Primarily, we draw on Western Boxing, Muay Thai, and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do concepts to formulate
our stand-up techniques and tactics. Combining these three arts achieves what MMA is all about:
mixing the best skills to create the most effective fighting system possible.


– High Speed Combinations
and Power Punch Setups

– Primary Defensive Skills:
Covering, Parrying, and

– Evasive Defensive Skills:
Sidestepping, Slipping,
and Ducking

– Staying in 'the Pocket'
and Counter Striking


– Extremely Powerful Knees,
Elbows, and Kicks

– Unpredictable Punch and
Kick Combinations from
Multiple Angles

– Brutal Clinch Striking

– Defense Against Kicks:
Leg Checking & Cover


– Dominant Angles of Attack

– JKD's 5 Ways of Attack:

– Stop-Kicking and Cut-

– Feinting and Broken

– Advanced Setups
for Attacking

The Most Important Aspect of MMA...

Arguably, stand-up skills are the single most important to develop.
They are without question becoming increasingly important as the
sport of MMA continues to evolve into a predominately stand-up
fighting game.

Additionally, stand-up skills are necessary for any type of self-
defense situation involving multiple opponents or weapons.

Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills alone aren't sufficient for
dealing with these more dangerous situations.

Being able to create damage with your strikes offers you greater
mobility and speed than grappling. Therefore, it's the fastest
and often safest way to stop an opponent.

Lastly, whether it be in the street or in the sport, all fights start
on the feet, so it's essential students learn how to properly
address this.

Our training is designed to first and foremost get your stand-up
skills to a sharp level, giving you the confidence of being able
to protect yourself if someone throws a punch at you.

You'll develop a strong defense to keep you protected as well
as the ability to generate stopping power in your strikes,
giving you the means to end a fight as quickly as possible.

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New York, NY 10011

(646) 234-9789

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