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Welcome to Pure MMA NYC!  We are dedicated to teaching realistic martial arts for the purposes
of self-defense and MMA competition.

Our training is designed to equip you with powerful fighting skills in all aspects of MMA:

STAND-UP Muay Thai, Western Boxing, and Jeet Kune Do

CLINCH Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling

GROUND Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Beginner Friendly Environment

Most of our students had ZERO martial arts
experience when they first started with us.
At this school, experience is simply
not required.

Beginners transition easily into our classes,
as all of our training is conducted safely,
intelligently, and according to what
your specific goals are.

You will feel welcome in our friendly
training environment where we have
fun learning and improving as a team.

We Are Purely an MMA School

> We do not teach ground-fighting with a
gi or focus on low percentage sub-
missions that are unlikely to ever work.

> We add strikes into our grappling and
teach how to utilize "ground-and-pound"
as well as defend against it.

> We don't offer kids classes or cardio-
kickboxing classes, or promote martial
arts as a tool for fitness.

> We train all of our stand-up techniques
in conjunction with sound takedown

> We spend a lot of time on DEFENSE
– learning how to not get hit...not as
glamorous, but ultra-important.

> In grappling, we emphasize escapes
and reversals to protect against
being controlled or submitted.

> In stand up, we emphasize BOXING
– fast and powerful striking skills
that offer high levels of mobility.

Simply put, everything we practice is
realistic and meant to actually work
in a real self-defense situation
or MMA bout.

Our goal is to provide authentic martial
arts training in a fun, safe atmosphere
to people who want these skills.

Our gym is located at the junction of
14th Street and 6th Avenue in New
York City (Lower Manhattan).

Feel free to call or email us for more

Enjoy training with a fun, supportive group
of students and instructors

Learn the best, most effective techniques
for MMA and self-defense

Train at your own pace in a completely
pressure-free environment

Some of our students train simply so they know how to
handle themselves if they ever get into an altercation,
while others train more intensely for MMA competition.

Our students range from being in-shape, out-of-shape,
fast, slow, and everything in between. The bottom
line is, you don't need to be an all-star or fit athlete
to join our academy.

The most important thing we can ever hope for in a
student is just a good attitude and a desire to learn.

Steve - Personal Student of
Matt Derosa since June 2015

104 W 14th St # 6
New York, NY 10011

(646) 234-9789



Known as the sweet science, Boxing
showcases high speed, versatile hand
strikes combined with uncanny evasive-
ness and footwork. It enables for an
efficient and devastating offense
coupled with excellent mobility.


Harnessing the power of explosive
kicks, knees, and elbows takes your
attack options to the next level – making
you more of a threat. More importantly,
Muay Thai teaches how to defend
against kicks, which is essential.


Wrestling skills are critical for dealing
with clinch-fighting and takedowns. Its
powerful grappling techniques can be
used to bring a fight to the ground or
to keep it standing, which is often a
determining factor in attaining victory.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the premier skill-set
for ground-fighting. Its escapes and
reversals are life savers when faced
with bad grappling positions. In addition,
it adds dozens of fight-ending sub-
missions to your offensive tool-box.


In February 2013, Pure MMA NYC head
instructor Matt Derosa will be teaching
seminars on nutrition, conditioning,
and mental training for MMA peak
performance and general well-being.

A central theme in the courses will
be how to develop the motivation
and discipline needed to follow a
strict training regiment consistently.

The information presented consists
of many cutting-edge technologies
stemming from Neuro-Linguistic
Programming, Sports Psychology,
and Exercise Science.

All classes will be held at our MMA
gym in Manhattan (Chelsea, New
York). The first seminar begins
on October 6th (Saturday) from
3pm to 5pm.

Member price: $20
Non-member price: $50

Contact Matt for more details
or to reserve a spot in advance.


We invite you to come check out a free
trial class. You are welcome to take part
and train with us or simply observe.

Please, no unscheduled walk-in's.
All trial classes must be scheduled.
Visit our contact page for availability.


As requested, we are going to start
producing members-only MMA and
self-defense review videos again.

Current students will be notified
via email with subscription details.
Your patience is appreciated!


We our absolutely dedicated to preserving the technical aspects of martial arts for the purposes of self-defense and mixed martial arts competition.
Our aim is to provide realistic MMA training coupled with excellent instruction conducted safely within a small group setting. This approach has proven
to accelerate learning and result in superior athletic performance. Contact us to learn more about our MMA gym in NYC (located in Chelsea,
Manhattan). We look forward to training you towards your highest potential. note: You do NOT have to compete in MMA to train at our school.

Gym address: 104 W 14th St # 6 New York, NY 10011  |  Phone: (646) 234-9789  |  Hours: Monday 6:00–9:00 pm, Tuesday 6:00–9:00 pm,
Wednesday 6:00–9:00 pm, Thursday 6:00–9:00 pm, Friday 6:00–9:00 pm, Saturday 12:00–3:00 pm, Sunday 12:00–3:00 pm

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