Our System for Training MMA

At Pure MMA NYC, we believe taking the time to become well-
rounded is one of the smartest ways to build an effective skill.

Therefore, we teach you how to be defensive as well as
offensive in each of the three areas of MMA:

Stand-Up SkillsStance, Footwork, Blocking & Evasiveness,
Setups, Striking, and Counter-Striking.

Clinch SkillsShooting-in, Striking in the Clinch, Takedowns,
and Takedown Defense.

Ground SkillsPositioning, Escapes & Reversals,
Ground & Pound, and Submissions.

Each of these 3 areas of skill stem from various independent
martial arts which we weave into our MMA system.

Our Stand-Up Skills stem from:

> Muay Thai (aka: Thai Boxing)
> Western Boxing
> Jeet Kune Do (JKD)

Our Clinch Skills stem from:

> Greco-Roman Wrestling
> Freestyle Wrestling
> Judo / Sambo

Our Ground Skills stem from:

> Submission Wrestling
> Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
> Sambo

Training diligently in each of these areas ensures you become a more complete well-rounded
martial artist, giving you the skills to win a fight at any range.

When you know how to fight well in all 3 areas of MMA, your confidence skyrockets.

Whether you cross paths with a striker, grappler, or both; it simply won't matter because
you'll truly be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Symbol – translated:
"Using no way as way, having no limitation
as limitation."

Jeet Kune Do defines the concept of taking
a comprehensive and all-encompassing
approach towards martial arts training.

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New York, NY 10011

(646) 234-9789

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